My Story

 I first was introduced to Scentsy when visiting with my daughter who lives in North Carolina.  I walked into her home and immediately commented on what a wonderful scent--what was it?  Having been an avid candle user for well over 20 years with one of the leading candle-makers, I was very intrigued-Then, I learned this scent was accomplished WITHOUT the use of a flame--a low watt bulb and a beautiful warmer that you'd keep and not throw away in the garbage?  Needless to say..I HAD to have one..but, even more importantly, I was so impressed with the product and after further research on the company itself and it's belief on "giving back" to society as a whole, I signed up to become a consultant.   Becoming a consultant is easy and there is ALWAYS someone there to help you--whether your sponsor, your director, Facebook groups, etc.  Scentsy is one of the fastest growing direct sell companies and the company is not stopping--launching new lines, new products and the future is bright!   If you are reading my story and want more information, please feel free to contact me -- I'll be more than happy to tell you even more! <!--endbody-->